What is Social Entrepreneurship? See my contribution on "Bridge for good´s" video.

«We believe social entrepreneurship can be a possibility to overcome the current crisis through new business models that break from the past and create new value, not only focused on profit but also on people.»

In this video Bridge for Good asked me about the meaning of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurs.

 There is no single answer as there are different approaches to it so in the interview I shared  my own simple and short definition: «a social entrepreneur is someone that decides to solve a social problem through a viable business model».

In the video you can find inputs about the sector, the qualities and capacities of social entrepreneurs  from other key experts like, Maria Zapata, Director Ashoka Spain, Daniel Truran, Director EBBF or Jordi Marti,  Founder DBS Screening. I

I hope you enjoy it!

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