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Recursos Innovación Social Empresarial

NEGOCIOS EN LA BASE DE LA PIRÁMIDE Vídeos sobre negocios inclusivos y base de la pirámide Acerca de negocios inclusivos. C.K. Prahalad presenta la Base de la Pirámide. Microsoft entrevista a C.K. Prahalad 01 . Microsoft entrevista a C.K. Prahalad 02 . Artículos sobre negocios inclusivos y base dela pirámide Social Enterprises in Europe: Recent Trends and…

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Amazing to participate in the co-creation of the Social Innovation Ecosystem in Luxembourg

Last 10th of January I participated in the 3rd co-creating event organized by  the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor to explore the question of Social Innovation in Luxembourg: what are the facts and what are the practical opportunities? I thank my friend and Social Innovation Expert, Luisa Ferreira, for putting me in touch with the Henri Tudor team and be able…

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My experience using the WBCSD’s Inclusive Business Challenge as a teaching tool in universities and business schools in Spain and Latin America

I want to share with you a post published at the Word Business Council for Sustainable Development´s (WBCSD) blog about the workshops and classes I have delivered in Spain and Latin America on Inclusive Business Models. You can find for info about WBCSD´s blog here. Over the past couple of years, Guadalupe de la Mata, editor…

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