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  1. Carlos Julio Silva. el 26 de diciembre de 2019 a las 10:13

    Cordial Greeting.
    Guadalupe de la Mata.

    My name is Carlos Silva and together with my brother, we have developed an ecological process to reuse and convert industrial or marine waste and sludge into raw material.
    We recover the waste of:
    Papers, plastics, labels, vinyls, pvc, tetra pak, tarpaulins, leather, wood, polyester, eva, foamy, tires, latex, rubber, polypropylene.
    We recover this waste mixed or separately, dirty, in poor condition or even with adhesives and silicone coating.
    In the tests we have obtained rigid, semi-rigid, flexible and waterproof sheets up to 1 mm thick.
    making them waterproof, rigid, semi-rigid or flexible.
    Our main objectives are:
    GENERAL. To transform sludge and industrial waste into profitable wealth with useful, practical, good quality and valuable products.
    1) To produce for construction boards such as superboard, floors, tiles and waterproofing fabrics.
    2) With tetra pak waste we will produce veneers with luxury finishes for interior decoration of high quality and with the adherent Magink, http://www.magink.com.br,it can be removable and reused. I already did the test.
    3) Convert the waste and sludge of leather, fabrics and tires into new rolls of material which I already did the tests for.
    4) Produce and market the adhesion promoter for asphalt, made with tire residues and discarded latex surgical gloves, I already have the project.
    5) We want to generate progress, ecological impacts and social transformations.
    We have no industry, we only have the developments in the pilot stage. To scale them we are looking for support and/or allies to standardize them, formalize them, for intellectual protection and for our allies to preferably produce and market them.
    We need your contacts, infrastructure and experience, as well as your technical, commercial and / or production contribution is essential for us, we are interested in being able to work together.
    Any questions or concerns, your welcome to ask.

    Thank you very much.

    Carlos Julio Silva.
    Mobile. 57 315 471 9537.

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