B2B Partnerships: Creating Opportunity through Strategic Alliances Webinar

A few days ago Business Call for Action organised a webinar to discuss  the benefits of collaboration and partnership between companies in today´s market place.

Vodafone and Movirtu are part of a new wave of companies that leverage Business-to-Business (B2B) partnerships to improve access to products and services in base of the pyramid communities, promote value chain efficiencies, and improve the enabling environment for inclusive business.

Check this video of the webinar to learn about:

  •  how Vodafone, the world’s largest telecommunications provider, is promoting more efficient pharmaceutical value chains and building its business in Gambia through collaboration with Pfizer.
  • how  B2B partnerships are helping Movirtu promote its cloud-based mobile phone platform in base of the pyramid markets in Africa and Asia.

Here are the featured Speakers:
Anastasia Thatcher, Senior Manager, Accenture Development Partnerships
Axel Nemetz, Head of mHealth Solutions, Vodafone Global Enterprise
Jean-Philippe Labat, Vice President Global Sales, Movirtu
Discussion moderated by Susan Chaffin, Programme Manager of the Business Call to Action.

Hope you enjoy it!

[su_youtube url=»http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcvZxiEQXXo»]