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10 Reasons Employees Really Care About Their Jobs

Want your employees to really care? First you have to really care about them. I have been talking a lot lately about happiness with my friends and colleagues. The happiness book that I have been writing has had that  “positive side effect”, getting feedback  and ideas about the importance of the search of wellbeing, happiness…

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My 10 favourite Social Innovation Practices

There are many practices and methods to facilitate Social Innovation and Collaborative Leadership that can be adapted depending to the context and needs of the specific problem we want to solve. I have mentioned  and written about many of them in this blog and have received a lot of questions and interest around them. Here…

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My 10 favorite Crowdsourcing platforms for social good

I have written often  in this blog about the power of collective action and how  crowdsourcing  and  crowdfunding platforms are changing the economy (also see:  The top 10 ways people are changing the economy for more examples of people action´s to improve the world). Today I want to share with you my 10 favorite crowdsourcing  platforms for…

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