I believe all human beings have something unique to offer, and that the sense of purpose and happiness emerges from using our gift to help our friends, families, organizations and community to prosper.

The gift can be your knowledge, experience, presence, values or your heart…

Everyday, we have the opportunity to have impact in other people’s lives. And each day we need to decide which attitude to choose: to make our contribution or to keep our gift for ourselves.

If you have decided to make your contribution, this blog is for you

It is a space where I share experiences, tools and methodologies to promote positive change and social impact across sectors.

Also, this is blog is for you if you want:

  • Impact: you want to make a difference in the world, serve others powerfully and pursue a meaningful mission;
  • Presence and self-awareness: you want to bring a sense of mindfulness, peace and meaning into your day;
  • Connection: you want to share your experiences with other people and create meaningful and deep connections.

What will you find here

  • tools  to activate your creativity and leadership capacity as well as your inner power and wellbeing. I have put it all together and created LAB for Personal Change Methodology based on:
    • Mindfulness
    • Neuroscience
    • Positive Psychology
    • Social Change Model for Leadership Development
    • Adaptative Leadership (Marshall Ganz)
    • Storytelling
  • the most innovative methodologies and tools to launch and develop your idea or project.
    • U Theory
    • Theory of Change
    • Appreciative inquiry
    • Design Thinking
  • inspiration from individual and organisations across sectors that are delivering positive social impact around the world, including: social entrepreneurs, committed citizens, impact investors,
  • information to develop certain skills useful to create partnerships and work meaningfully with stakeholders (eg. Collaborative negotiation, stakeholder management, etc.)

I research on these topics and share my thoughts and experiences here. This is my space to share and connect. I will be happy to receive your comments and questions.

All opinions are mine and all material, including all e-books, can be downloaded for free. It’s a non-profit page