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10 Reasons Employees Really Care About Their Jobs

Want your employees to really care? First you have to really care about them. I have been talking a lot lately about happiness with my friends and colleagues. The happiness book that I have been writing has had that  “positive side effect”, getting feedback  and ideas about the importance of the search of wellbeing, happiness…

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21 Must-read Articles on Happiness

Each of these articles delivers a unique, healthy message concerning the topic of happiness.  I’ve read them all… and yes, I think you should read them too.  They need no further introduction.  Enjoy!   The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance. The wise grows it under his feet. – James Openheim The Art of Smiling How To Be…

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The power of words

Watch this touching video The Power of Words, to see how changing just a few words can make a dramatic difference in your life and in the lives of those around you. Question: Can you think of a time when words have had a major impact on you or on those around you? [su_youtube_advanced url=””]

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