Citizenship 2.0: Debating Europe, connecting European citizens and politicians

debating europeIn a recent article, I listed 10 ways people can change the economy, I received a lot of comments and proposals and some of you expressed interest in finding out how to participate and interact with the government and public authorities.

For  those of you that follow  European issues  I want to share today a platform that proposes citizens to discuss their ideas with European leaders. It is called Debating Europe and has as main mission:

“to encourage a genuine conversation between European policy makers and citizens – and that means encouraging ideas and then having experts respond with feedback.

We’ll try to get both supportive and critical reactions to your ideas, and provoke as much back-and-forth discussion as possible between you and the experts taking part in the project”

They have divided the debate into five “channels” – each one representing a different topic:

  • Growth Europe: Looking beyond the eurozone crisis
  • Green Europe: Ensuring a sustainable European economy
  • Tech Europe: Building an innovative economy
  • Global Europe: Europe in a new world order
  • Future Europe: Ideas for a long-term vision for Europe

This video explains how it works:

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I hope you like it!

Debating Europe is a project in partnership with Friends of Europe,Europe’s World, the European Parliament, Microsoft and Gallup. You can read more about our partners here.