Apple’s Process of Creative Innovation

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This beautifully designed video by Apple is an inspiring explanation of how they are able to succeed in the area of creative innovation.

Apple has proven time and time again that they understand what it takes to be on the cusp of cutting edge creativity for their consumers.

Enjoy the video and don’t forget to share!

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Here is the text on the video… a great message…

“if everyone is busy making everything
how anyone perfect anything?
we start to confuse convenience with joy
abundance with choice.

designing something requires focus
the first thing we ask is
what do we want people to feel?


then we begin to craft around our intention
it takes time…
there are a thousand no’s
for every yes.

we simplify
we perfect
we start over
until everything we touch …
enhances each life it touches.

only then do we sign our work.

Designed by Apple in California”

Music is “Receives” by Keith Kenniff




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