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What is Social Impact Investing?

Social investment is the provision and use of finance to generate social, or social as well as economic, returns. Over the last ten years various forms of social investment have grown rapidly and new forms have been introduced. This growth reflects a range of developments on both the demand side (a new generation of social…

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Impact Investing in West Africa, a first analysis available online.

I have recently shared a number of resources and material about Impact Investing and also have mentioned my interest in Africa. Today, I have been reading this amazing report that mixes both of my current interests:  Impact Investing in West Africa, the first comprehensive analysis ever conducted on the impact investing industry in the region. The report aims…

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A 7 step guide to early stage impact investing

A few days ago I published about the expansion of Impact Investing and the discussions held at the last IE Impact Investing Forum that took place in Madrid. I also included some key resources about Impact Investing Today, I want to share with you a e-guide that aims to help those with an interest in investing in…

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