Innovation Centers in Africa

I am very interested in Innovation Centres and LABs and have been exploring and also visiting some in different countries. Lately, my focus has been in Africa. A lot has been written about the boom of innovation centres in Africa, but recently mHealth Africa published a great infographic that shows all those hubs on the continent. …

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Social Entrepreneurs: Have Your Say! An Interactive Event on social entrepreneurship in Europe

The European Commission has organised a super interesting two-day interactive event on social entrepreneurship in Europe which will enable you to: discuss the issues YOU want and feed that into the conclusions of the event learn from foreign experiences and create networks have your own stand to showcase your success If you are interested in Social…

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My 10 favorite Crowdsourcing platforms for social good

I have written often  in this blog about the power of collective action and how  crowdsourcing  and  crowdfunding platforms are changing the economy (also see:  The top 10 ways people are changing the economy for more examples of people action´s to improve the world). Today I want to share with you my 10 favorite crowdsourcing  platforms for…

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