A tool to develop your Theory of Change

In this post I want to share with you a very powerful tool, developed by DIY,  on how to use Theory of Change to develop solutions for complex problems. Let´s first clarify why it is important to set a Theory of Change, what is it  exactly and how to use the tool. In the end you…

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My 10 favourite Social Innovation Practices

There are many practices and methods to facilitate Social Innovation and Collaborative Leadership that can be adapted depending to the context and needs of the specific problem we want to solve. I have mentioned  and written about many of them in this blog and have received a lot of questions and interest around them. Here…

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Resources: Social Innovation Articles and Reports

Here you can find some key articles and documents about Social Innovation Strategic Collaboration Between. Nonprofits and Businesses. James E. Austin. Harvard Business School http://www.utexas.edu/courses/streeter/393T19/JAustin.pdf  Nambisan, S. “Platforms for Collaboration”, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Summer 2009. Howaldt, J./ Schwarz, M. “Social Innovation: Concepts, research fields and international trends”, IMO international monitoring, 2010. “Let’s hear those ideas”. The Economist.…

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