We have created a Course where you can learn to Change the Word: You can also be a Change Agent!

After working in the design and preparation of this course for about a year, the EOI Programe: “Becoming Change Agents: Values and Skills for the Future” is now launched!  I am really proud of being part of this amazing course and to do it  together with three international experts (Daniel Truran, Leda Scott and Gonzalo de la Camara).

Open to postgraduate students, social innovators and dynamic entrepreneurs from around the world, this new 6-month Programme aims to look creatively at global development challenges and, by drawing on the different geographical, cultural and disciplinary viewpoints of course participants, design of responses to the complex challenges facing society, economy and our planet.

The BCA Programme has been designed as a learning journey with three key stages.

1. Reflection on global issues and development challenges

2. Exploration of ideas for promoting positive and lasting change in any organization.

3. Development of concrete group action plans to put meaningful and innovative ideas into practice.

These three stages will be explored through a some  of my favorite learning and innovating methodologies, including the U theory, Design Thinking, Art of Hosting and Appreciative Inquiry. Participants are encouraged to deepen their knowledge about global challenges through creative multi-disciplinary exchanges.

You can find more info below and the brochure here: Descargar folleto del curso Download brochure