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The Individual Social Responsibility is simply the ethical conduct of the citizen for himself and his environment, and goes well beyond compliance with legal obligations, is related to our attitude at home, with ourselves, our family, our friends, to the environment, work, with our neighbors and society.

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Victor mentions in his book Guédez Trustworthiness. Social responsibility and corporate reputation, “We are human beings first and then we are leaders, managers workers, customers, creditors, etc. providers. “.

Based on the definition of ISO 26000 social responsibility, individual social responsibility (RSI) or personal, It is the responsibility of a person to the impacts that their actions and decisions have on the environment (social, labor, economic and environmental)

Individual responsibility: DISCOVER WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE AND … follow him

Everything starts from defining your PURPOSE and MEANING of your GOALS with. To do this I propose Workbook, developed by the Institute of Viktor Frankl, that lets you easily and methodically understand your purpose and define objectives that are in line with the same.

A Workbook to Increase Your Meaningful and Purposeful Goals. Online copy (PDF)

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