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What is Social Impact Investing?

Social investment is the provision and use of finance to generate social, or social as well as economic, returns. Over the last ten years various forms of social investment have grown rapidly and new forms have been introduced. This growth reflects a range of developments on both the demand side (a new generation of social…

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The power of citizens (Citizen 2.0): 17 examples of government social media innovation

The internet has changed the way information is relayed and how people use it. We have gone from an era of broadcast dominated by passive reception to an era of digital natives, where communication is interactive and instantaneous. This new generation has grown up with the Internet and expects continuous participation. This evolution towards new communication patterns…

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5 conditions for unleashing innovation in the public sector

I am very interested in the increasing trend of using Social Innovation within Governments worldwide. Lately I have even been able to participate and experience how different public sectors institutions are using innovative approaches, methodologies and processes to tackle the increasing social needs. I find fascinating how more and more public sector innovators are improving government by replicating…

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